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How to add the common CI pipeline to an existing Python project

The common CI pipeline template provides a number of common jobs useful for Python development.

This page shows you how to add this pipeline to an existing Python project.

Add the CI configuration

Update the .gitlab-ci.yml file to add the common pipeline:

  - project: "uis/devops/continuous-delivery/ci-templates"
    file: "/auto-devops/common-pipeline.yml"
    ref: "{replace this with the latest ci-templates repository tag}"

  # Add this variable if you don't have a Dockerfile in the repository and/or
  # want to disable automatic image building.


The common pipeline brings in Auto DevOps as a dependency and so you don't need to explicitly include it.

Set a version number for your package

Python packages should specify a version number in or pyproject.toml.

Packages using setuptools

Version numbers are set in the setup function's arguments:
from setuptools import setup

    # etc ...

To check that a version number is set for projects using

$ python3 --version

Packages using poetry

Version numbers are set in the pyproject.toml file:

name = "my-package-name"
version = "1.2.3"
# etc ...

To check that a version number is set for projects using poetry:

$ poetry version --short

Add a changelog

Packages should have a file in the root of the repository providing a summary of changes over time. You can see examples in our other projects.

Use tox to run tests

The common pipeline will run tests using tox if there is a tox.ini file present. The tests are run using the three most recent Python versions for the release of the common pipeline you are using.


See the common CI pipeline Python-specific documentation if you need to run custom toxenvs or have additional requirements to run tests.

Add PyPI publish tokens (optional)

The common pipeline publishes Python packages to the GitLab package registry.

If you also want to publish packages to PyPI, you will need to create API tokens and set the PYPI_API_TOKEN and TEST_PYPI_API_TOKEN CI variables in the project settings. This process is described on a separate page.


In this how-to you learned how to configure an existing Python project to make use of the common CI pipeline for testing and publishing.

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