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How to create a new application

We have a standard template for our web applications. Our template includes support for a UI being provided alongside the application and for "pure" API applications. This guide covers how to create a new application from our boilerplate template, starting it and running the tests.

Read our explainer on the webapp boilerplate if you're unsure if the boilerplate is right for you.

Prepare your system

If you have not already done so, make sure you have followed our how-to guide for preparing your system and installed the software which it recommends.

We use the cookiecutter to apply our webapp templates. Make sure that it is installed on your system via:

python3 -m pip install --user cookiecutter

API-only or UI-included?

Our boilerplate supports two flavours of application: "pure API" or "included UI". For standalone webapps, you will want to include a UI. For components of a wider ecosystem you will want a "pure API" application. Usually this choice is fairly easy given the requirements of the application. It is easier to not use or delete a UI after the fact so, if unsure, include the UI when creating the application.

Create the application

Change to the directory where you want to create your application and start the template process via:

python3 -m cookiecutter

Answer each question or press Enter to accept the default.

Your application is created in a directory named after the product name you provided. Change to that directory and check that the tests pass:

$ cd {name-of-generated-directory}
$ poetry install
Installing dependencies from lock file
$ poetry poe pytest:local
Poe => pytest
============================= test session starts ==============================
platform darwin -- Python 3.11.4, pytest-7.4.0, pluggy-1.2.0
django: settings: boilerplate_webapp_project.settings.testing (from env)
rootdir: /Users/rjw57/projects/boilerplate_webapp
configfile: pyproject.toml
plugins: docker-tools-3.1.3, Faker-18.13.0, django-4.5.2, env-0.8.2
collected 14 items

api/tests/ .                                        [  7%]
boilerplate_webapp/tests/ ..                               [ 21%]
boilerplate_webapp_project/test/ ..                         [ 35%]
boilerplate_webapp_project/test/ ....                   [ 64%]
boilerplate_webapp_project/test/ ...                 [ 85%]
boilerplate_webapp_project/test/ .                           [ 92%]
ui/tests/ .                                                 [100%]

============================== 14 passed in 2.61s ==============================


In this guide you learned how to create a new boilerplate application using our template.

Next steps