Lecture Capture

This page documents key information about the Lecture Capture service.

Environments and Servers they run on

  • Production
    • lecturecapture-chost1.srv.uis.private.cam.ac.uk
    • lecturecapture-chost2.srv.uis.private.cam.ac.uk
    • lecturecapture-chost3.srv.uis.private.cam.ac.uk
  • Test
    • lecturecapture-test-chost1.srv.uis.private.cam.ac.uk
    • lecturecapture-test-chost2.srv.uis.private.cam.ac.uk
    • lecturecapture-test-chost3.srv.uis.private.cam.ac.uk

Application repositories


Category Language Framework
Orchestration: Opencast 6 Java
Capture Agent: (Galicaster) python
Preferences app python Django


Backend - deployed with docker containers on locally hosted docker swarm with ansible . Also uses an AWS RDS database deployed with terraform from the Lecture Capture Backend repo.

Capture Agents - (Galicaster) - deployed by OS image and then ansible

Deployment repository

Service Owner

Dr A.D.J.Scadden

Service Managers

Stephen Ison

Current Status