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Onboarding new starters

The following checklist is to be used as a reminder of the admin tasks needed to onboard a new member to the DevOps team. These should be done after the University's onboarding tasks for any new member of staff.

Performed by manager or admin staff before start date

  • Add to the corresponding DevOps subgroup within DevOps Division lookup group
  • Add to the UIS group and any other relevant groups on MS Teams
  • Add to the regular meetings they are expected to attend

Performed by manager or peer before start date


  • Add to GitLab group
  • Add as a viewer or admin as appropriate for Google Cloud resources
  • Add to so the new starter can follow the onboarding instructions


Add to the relevant Google Shared Drives:

Other services

  • Invite to 1password and add to appropriate vaults.

Performed by the new starter

Follow the instructions for the first time setup of Raven.


  • Activate your Microsoft account, it may take some hours before it is ready
  • Outlook
  • Calendar

Mailing lists

Subscribe to appropriate lists by searching for them in sympa search. Note that with some you will need to wait for approval.

  • uis-service-automation
  • uis-staff
  • uis-individual-staff
  • social (various, optional)

SSH key

  • Create a 4096 bit RSA key if you don't already have a preferred one
  • Add your SSH public key to gitlab to allow for git over SSH
  • Open Merge Requests as appropriate to add your key to the various resources

  • team-data where the meaning of admin, deploy and view can be found at ...

  • ansible-roles which will only be needed if you are dealing with legacy systems


You may want to at least:

There are more detailed instructions in the general docs to add your GPG key.