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How to create a branch for a new feature

This page documents how to create a new branch for when you are working on a feature which closes an issue.

Feature branches are branches being used to develop an individual story. They should be named "{issue-number}-{summary}" where "{issue-number}" is the issue number corresponding to the feature you are implementing and "{summary}" is a brief summary of the feature formatted-like-this.

To create a new branch, make sure that you are on the most recent main revision:

git checkout main
git pull

error: pathspec 'main' did not match any file(s) known to git

Recent software forges like GitLab have changed the default branch name to "main". Some of our projects use the old default: "master". If you get an error like the above, try using git checkout master instead.

Now supposing that you are, for example, working on issue 123 which adds a copyright banner:

git checkout -b 123-add-copyright-banner
git push -u origin 123-add-copyright-banner

The git push ... command will create an branch on GitLab for you to work in and will mark the local branch as being a local version of that branch. Subsequently one can just use git push to push changes.

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