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GitLab is the tool we use to host our code, automate processes, plan work and track its completion. It is designed to offer tooling for the entire DevOps lifecycle.

This how-to covers signing in to GitLab for the first time.

Getting an account

Any University member with a Raven account can sign in to GitLab. You should have been given a Raven account when you joined the University. University Information Services has a dedicated help page for new-starters which covers this.

Signing in

To sign in to GitLab:

  1. Visit the GitLab sign in page in your browser.
  2. Click the Raven button, highlighted below in red.
  3. Sign in using your Raven credentials.
  4. Fill out your user profile.

Highlighted Raven sign in button

Raven button used to sign in to GitLab.


In this how-to, you learned how to sign in to GitLab using GitLab.

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