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This section is now a little out of date as we have moved into a multi-team arrangement. This section will be updated after some consultation with the different teams.

How we structure our work

This section provides an overview of the day-to-day workflow for a member of the DevOps division.


We schedule our work in terms of fortnightly sprints which run Wednesday to Wednesday. The middle Wednesday is reserved for backlog refinement and the final Wednesday is reserved for scheduling the next sprint and for demoing work done during the sprint.


Sprint demos happen on the last Wednesday of the sprint and are public events. They provide an opportunity for all team members to demo the work that had been done that sprint. This can, and does, include non-technical work such as design or documentation.


Only issues which have been closed should be demo-ed. In particular, work which has not yet been reviewed should not be demo-ed unless it is required as context for potential reviewers.

Occasionally we may discuss issues which haven't been closed to provide context for people present at the demo and to flag blockers which have resulted in issues not being closed in a timely manner.

Daily stand up meetings

Each morning the team has a stand up. The usual team stand up is 9:45 but some product teams may also have their own stand ups around that time.

At the stand up each team member briefly states what they're currently working on, what they're going to be working on and outlines any blockers which are stopping them making progress.


On demo days there is no stand up meeting. This is partially to allow people to prepare for their demo and partially to avoid Wednesday's stand up being "...and today I will demo" and Thursday's being "yesterday, I demoed..." for all participants.

Learning resources

If some of the technologies and tools referenced in this document are unfamiliar, the following resources may be useful: