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Onboarding new starters

The following checklist is to be used as a reminder of the admin tasks needed to onboard a new member to the DevOps team. These should be done after the University's onboarding tasks for any new member of staff.

To track the completion of these tasks the manager or a peer should raise a new starter issue in the administration project. Assign both the line manager and new starter to this issue once created.

Performed by manager or admin staff before start date

Performed by manager or peer before start date



When the user is added to the corresponding DevOps team in lookup, they should get access to:

Other services

  • Invite to 1password and add to appropriate vaults.

Performed by the new starter

Follow the instructions for the first time setup of Raven.


  • Login to your Google acccount (use in and accept the T&Cs.
  • Enable 2FA in your Google Account.


  • Login to your Microsoft account (use in and accept the T&Cs. It may take some hours before it is ready.
  • Enable 2FA in your Microsoft Account.
  • Validate that your calendar (Outlook) and email (Exchange Online) is working correctly.

Mailing lists

Subscribe to appropriate lists by searching for them in sympa search. Note that with some you will need to wait for approval.

  • uis-service-automation
  • uis-staff
  • uis-individual-staff
  • social (various, optional)

You will automatically be added to some mailing lists corresponding to your DevOps team (lookup subgroup).

SSH key

  • Create a 4096 bit RSA key if you don't already have a preferred one
  • Add your SSH public key to gitlab to allow for git over SSH
  • Open Merge Requests as appropriate to add your key to the various resources:
    • ansible-roles which will only be needed if you are dealing with legacy systems


You may want to at least:

There are more detailed instructions in the general docs to add your GPG key.