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Cambridge Data (CamData)

This page gives an overview of the CamData applications, describing their current status, where and how they are developed and deployed, and who is responsible for maintaining them.

Service Description

The CamData website provides a publicly accessible archive of programme specifications for University awards, including those which have been discontinued, and of other courses such as Diplomas and Certificates.

CamData SharePoint is a document repository which serves files to the CamData website.

Service Status

The CamData service is currently live.


The CamData SharePoint service is currently deployed to the following environments:

Name URL Supporting VMs
Web Server
Application Server
Web Server
Application Server

Source code

Source code for the CamData service is spread over the following repositories:

Technologies used

The CamData service is built using the following technologies:

Category Language Framework(s)
PDF Upload C# SharePoint Client-side Object Model
REST API C# SharePoint REST API and Server-side Object Model
Website PHP Drupal 7

Operational documentation

The following sections provide an overview of how the CamData service is deployed and maintained.

PDF Upload

This application is run once per year, upon request from users.

It is executed client-side, on a suitable Windows machine, by downloading and running the executable file found in its repository.

To run the app on its production server SPT-Live-App1, use the command-line console:

  • Go to app folder: C:\CommandLineTools\CamDataPDFUpload\ and run Live.bat with the following parameters:
  • Specify PDF folder as \\internal\general\RShare\Applications\SharePointShare\CAMData
  • Specify SharePoint site URL as


The repository contains PowerShell scripts to deploy this solution as a SharePoint Feature on the SharePoint server farm.

Service Management and Tech Lead

The Service Owner for the CamData service is TBA.

The Service Manager for the CamData service is TBA.

The Tech Lead for the CamData service is TBA.

The following engineers have operational experience with the CamData service and are able to respond to support requests or incidents: