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Statutes and Ordinances

Service Description

Statutes and Ordinances is a key document in the governance of the University. It is revised annually and its print publication arranged by the University Draftsman.

The on-line version is now becoming the more important presentation of the document.

Service Status

The Statutes and Ordinances site is currently live.


Technical queries and support should be directed to and will be picked up by a member of the team working on the service.

Issues discovered in the service or new feature requests should be opened as GitLab issues.

Non-technical and end-user queries relating to pages and content should be directed to one of the following:

For content queries, you can contact the University Draftsman:

All the pages are processed and maintained by the Reporter Editors:


Statutes and Ordinances is currently deployed to the following environments:

Name URL Supporting VMs
Staging / Development

Note: XML source files need to be manually added to development so they can be processed using the xml converter to produce the static html files which are then edited, verified, and then copied to production using various bash scripts located on the development server.

Source code

The source code for the Statutes and Ordinances XML converter is on GitLab.

The Statutes and Ordinances website source code can be found on GitLab (under construction).

Notable folders on development and production servers

The XML Converter is located on the development server:

  • web-rso-dev1:/home/webadmin/statutes-and-ordinances

The website is located on the development and production servers:

  • web-rso-*:/home/webadmin/web/global
  • web-rso-*:/home/webadmin/web/univ/so

The scripts are located on the development server:

  • web-rso-dev1:/home/webadmin/scripts

Technologies used

The following gives an overview of the technologies Statutes and Ordinances is built on.

XML Converter

  • Java
  • XML
  • XSLT


  • Apache with ucam_webauth module
  • CGI / Perl

Operational documentation

Every year, around September, a 3rd party supplier provides the source XML for the print document, which is used to produce the on-line version, usually by the first week of term (early October.).

The tech lead has been responsible for producing the on-line version using scripts located on the development server.

Other operation issues

The online version has not been produced since 2018 with only pdf versions available.

Service Management and tech lead

The service owner for Statutes and Ordinances is TBA

The service manager for Statutes and Ordinances is TBA

The former tech lead for Statutes and Ordinances is Andy Batey

The following engineers have operational experience with Statutes and Ordinances and are able to respond to support requests or incidents: