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Simplified AWS resources management for research groups.

Service Description

Ronin is UIS' response to the need of flexible cloud infrastructure with simplified setup and management. It uses a straightforward web application (Ronin) which hides AWS' technical details from the end users.

Its basic operation consists in creating research projects containing a group of users and a budget, and allowing those users to consume (create, reshape, monitor, stop, destroy) cloud resources from a predefined catalogue in a self-service way.

The application provides instant visual feedback about the existing resources, their statuses and associated costs as well as forecasts and notifications according to budget thresholds. From a management perspective, it allows a detailed expenditure tracking including breakdowns by cost centre, project, cost type and source of funds.

Service Status

Ronin is currently live.


End-user support is provided through Ronin channels:

For escalations and incidents, please use


We currently have two instances of RONIN running at:

The service is co-managed with RONIN (company) which is responsible for the upgrades and monitoring of the service.

Operational documentation

Please visit Operationl Documentation internal wiki.

Service Management and tech lead

The service owner for the service is Abraham Martin

The service manager for the service is Julian King

The tech lead for the service is

The following engineers have operational experience with the Cloud Research Platform and are able to respond to support requests or incidents: