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A Guide to the DevOps Division


This is the UIS DevOps Division guidebook. It provides a central place for us to write down our processes, document the services we provide and to discuss some of our best practice.

About us

Who we are

We're a division of the University of Cambridge Information Services (UIS). You can see who makes up the DevOps division on Lookup.

What we do

Each service which we provide has its own page in the guidebook. For specific information on a service, look there.

Contacting us

You can contact the team by emailing More information is available in the dedicated contact section including information on how to download the team's GPG public keys.

The guidebook

This guidebook documents what we as a team in DevOps aspire to be, what we currently do and practices we currently find to be helpful.

It is not intended as a prescriptive document but rather to be descriptive of the general way we do things. If the way we do things and the book disagree, it is the book which is usually at fault.

Occasionally we find ourselves writing guides to ourselves or to others about how we do things and learnings from mistakes we've made. The notes section of the guidebook provides a single place for these notes to live.

Updating the guidebook

Anyone with a Raven account may propose an edit to the guide by opening a merge request on the guidebook project in the University Developers' Hub. Each page in the guidebook has an edit link which takes you directly to the corresponding page in the guidebook project.