Raven (SAML2)

Raven is the web authentication service for the University. This page documents the SAML2 personality for the Raven service.

This personality is also known as "Shibboleth" within the UK Access Management Federation.


  • Service Provider (SP) - website using Raven/SAML2 to authenticate its users.
  • Identity Provider (IdP) - the Raven/SAML2 service.


  • Production - should be used by all production SPs.
  • Next - should be used by some test SPs (see below).


The "shib-next" IdP represents the current master branch of the Ansible playbook and as such is what the live service will be next time it is deployed. Users wishing to track development to get early warning of issues with their SP may do so by adding the following line to their /etc/hosts file: shib.raven.cam.ac.uk shib-next.raven.cam.ac.uk

This should be done on their local client, i.e. the machine they are running their web browser on.

The individual VMs hosting the service are listed in the Operational Documentation. (DevOps only)



This service uses a technology stack which does not align with DevOps Division recommendations.

Category Language Framework
Server Java Spring web framework


Deployment is via Ansible playbook to an on-premise set of servers. See the operational documentation project (DevOps only) for more information.

Deployment repository

Service Owner

Vijay Samtani

Service Managers

Rich Wareham

Current Status




Raven documentation is in the process of being rationalised into a single place.