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This page gives an overview of TOAST, describing its current status, where and how it's developed and deployed, and who is responsible for maintaining it.

Please note that TOAST stands for Trusts Online Application SysTem

Service Description

TOAST provides a scoring and application system for graduate funding, allowing departments to identify candidates and funders to assess their potential and select those more suitable.

Secondly it provides a portal for Gates Trust to manage scholars; please note this is not intended as a long term function.

Service Status

TOAST is currently live.

Currently there is no planned roadmap for the future of this service; however, the service is integral to the graduate funding process and each year there are normally some tweaks made to the business logic.


Technical queries and support should be directed to and will be directed to Martin Hunt, who is the member of the team who works on the service.

Environments and Clients

TOAST has two components:

  • A web client used by departments to score and assess applicants in the system
  • A windows forms application used by admin staff to set the system up and to run various reports


Authentication is global and partially governed through Raven. Raven protected sections are under the URL Raven/. TOAST has a database with approved users. Environment is decided by URL as listed below.

The TOAST web app is currently deployed to the following web environments:

Name URL IIS Servers
Production Dreamer/Executive
Staging Dreamer/Executive
Funding Management Project Development Dreamer/Executive
Development localhost localhost

Windows Forms App

The application is run over the network on the US File Server. This is secured by file permissions, by the need to be run on a University machine belonging to a University Windows Domain, and by pass through Windows login to the database server. Access to environment is determined by which folder the excutable is run from. The application is started by running the MISD.Toast.FormsApp.exe executable.

TOAST windows forms apps are currently deployed to the following environments (this assumes the Z drive is mapped to \\\group as per standard university build):

Name Folder
Production Z:\J Share\Applications\DotNet\Trusts\Live
Staging Z:\J Share\Applications\DotNet\Trusts\Dev
Funding Management Project Development Z:\J Share\Applications\DotNet\Trusts\UAT_FMP

Source code

The source code for the TOAST can be found at the following URL:

The code is spread over the following repositories:

Repository Description
BEL Holds business objects
BPL Holds business processes; knits together BEL and DAL
Components Holds any bespoke components; mostly deprecated and superseded by NuGet
DAL Data access routines, for example a library to communicate by SQL server
Documentation A library that can hold documentation
EDMSTestingApp A testing application for EDMS (Electronic Document Management System) - this is a bespoke library that accesses data related to applicants
FormsApp Holds code for the windows forms application
packages Holds the NuGet packages for the project
SQL Holds SQL change scripts
SQLDatabase (Deprecated) Deprecated library that holds SQL change scripts - use SQL instead
Temp Some temporary data used in testing
Toast Holds source code for the website
ToastDatabase (Deprecated) Deprecated - was for Redgate SQL product that was dropped
UnitTests Unit tests around TOAST

Technologies used

The following gives an overview of the technologies TOAST is built on.

Category Language Framework(s)
Database Server MS SQL SQL Server 2019
Web Code VB.NET 4.6.1
Client Code VB.NET 4.6.1


How and where TOAST is deployed


It is important to note that this application does not use docker, rather it is directly installed on the server.

Server OS IIS version
Dreamer Windows Server 2012 R2 8.0
Executive Windows Server 2012 R2 8.0

The websites are set up locally on the E drive on those machines. To keep files in sync a DFS share has been set up between the two servers that can be accessed here:

  • \\internal\support\IIS_Data

Deploying a new release

Web deployment is done through Visual Studio. Profiles have been set up to copy the web files and can be deployed through a right click publish. UIS Windows Server Team are responsible for monitoring the userlying machines.

Admin app deployment is done through copying files to the file server location.

Service Management and tech lead

The service owner for TOAST is TBA

The service manager for TOAST is TBA

The tech lead for TOAST is Martin Hunt

NOTE: The system is currently developed and maintained by a single developer; this is a known risk that needs addressing. Effectively at present all roles are being filled by Martin Hunt.